Volume 4

  • 2019 / 2020
  • 278 pages, 6 x 9 in.
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Editor’s Column

“The Time of Returning”: Renewal, Rebirth, and Reinvention in the Grateful Dead (PDF)
Nicholas G. Meriwether


“Spring from Night into the Sun”: Metaphors of Dark and Light in the Music of the Grateful Dead (PDF)
Melvin J. Backstrom

Listening to “Space” (PDF)
Mike Daley

“All that’s Still Unsung”: Agamben’s Potentiality and the Grateful Dead (PDF)
Christopher K. Coffman

Makin’ the Seen: Synesthesia, the Grateful Dead, and the Total Work of Art (PDF)
Kurt Charles Torell

Some Structural and Expressive Variations in Performances of Six Grateful Dead Songs (PDF)
Mark E. Mattson

The Grateful Dead Subculture in Israeli Society: A Preliminary Study (PDF)
Bethe Schoenfeld and Robert Schoenfeld


Exhibiting the Dead (PDF)

Recuperating the Aura: The Dead on Display (PDF)
Jay Williams

The Grateful Dead at the New-York Historical Society (PDF)
Debra Schmidt Bach and Nina Nazionale

Dead Rhetoric at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: An Interview with Howard Kramer (PDF)
Susan Balter-Reitz

“Prophet on the Burning Shore”: Exhibiting the Grateful Dead Archive (PDF)
Nicholas G. Meriwether


Rosie McGee, Dancing with the Dead; Rhoney Gissen Stanley, Owsley and Me (PDF)
Peter Richardson

David Malvinni, Grateful Dead and the Art of Rock Improvisation (PDF)
Brian Felix

Grateful Dead, Dave’s Picks 18 (PDF)
Peter Lavezzoli

Grateful Dead, July ’78: The Complete Recordings (PDF)
Michael Parrish

Grateful Dead, Thirty Trips Around the Sun (PDF)
Mike Dolgushkin

Last Words

The Grateful Dead (PDF)
Paul Mariett

A Note on Mariett’s “The Grateful Dead” (PDF)