Volume 3

  • 2017 / 2018
  • 191 pages, 6 x 9 in.
  • Download and print copies Coming Soon!


Editor’s Column

“Like Anything Great:” Improvisation, Interdisciplinarity, and Studying the Dead (PDF)
Nicholas G. Meriwether


“Your Mind Has Left Your Body”: Thematic Signposts and Arrivals in the Grateful Dead’s Jazz-Rock Jamming, 1969–1974 (PDF)
David Malvinni

Terrapin Station: “Storyteller Makes No Choice” (PDF)
Peter J. Apfl

“Laying it Down”—or Not: Phil Lesh and the Art of Improvisational Rock Bass (PDF)
Michael Kaler

Morning Glory: Devil’s Kitchen, the Grateful Dead, and the Traces of the San Francisco Sound (PDF)
Trent S. Purdy


The Love Scene: Forging the Dead, From the Folk Scene to the Acid Tests (PDF)

“An Innocent Time:” Remembering Jerry Garcia and the Bay Area Folk Scene (PDF)
Norm Van Maasricht

Time with the Dead: The LA Acid Tests (PDF)
Tim Scully

“Are You in Control of All This?” The Folk Scene, the Acid Tests, and Witnessing the Birth of the Dead (PDF)
Don Douglas


Philip Baruth, The Millennium Shows; McCallister, Fellow Traveler (PDF)
Jay Williams

Phil Cushway, ed., Art of the Dead; Meriwether, The Attics of Our Lives (PDF)
Peter Richardson

Nicholas G. Meriwether, Reading the Grateful Dead (PDF)
Horace L. Fairlamb

Schwarz, Illustrated Discography and Memorabilia (PDF)
Robert G. Weiner

Grateful Dead, Spring 1990 (PDF)
Barry Barnes

Grateful Dead, Dave’s Picks, Vols. 1-3 (PDF)
Michael Parrish

Furthur, Greek Theatre, October 6, 2012 (PDF)
David Bryan

Vinvyl Reissues of Grateful Dead (PDF)
Jesse Jarnow

Last Words

In the Spirit of Halloween Store (PDF)
Robert Cooperman