Volume 2

  • 2015 / 2016
  • 147 pages, 6 x 9 in.
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Editor’s Column

Icons and Iconoclasts (PDF)
Nicholas G. Meriwether


“Let Fate Decide the Rest”: The Grateful Dead, Quietism, and the Politics of Utopia (PDF)
Peter Richardson

Jerry Alfred Garcia Hitchcock (PDF)
Jay Williams

“We Can Share What We Got of Yours”: Reflections on the Copyright Paradox in the Grateful Dead Community (PDF)
Susan Balter-Reitz

From “Dark Star” to Cherry Garcia: Four Subframes in Rolling Stone that Link Phish to the Grateful Dead (PDF)
Jordan McClain


“Some Intangible Something”: Recording the Dawn of the Grateful Dead (PDF)

The Grateful Dead Meet the World (PDF)
Jesse Jarnow

Recording the Dead’s Debut: A Photographic Retrospective (PDF)
Roberto Rabanne

The Grateful Dead Photography of Roberto Rabanne (PDF)
Nicholas G. Meriwether


Grateful Dead, Europe ’72: The Complete Recordings (PDF)
Mike Dolgushkin

Furthur, Shoreline Amphitheatre, June 3, 4, 2011 (PDF)
Stanley J. Spector

Barry Barnes, Everything I Know About Business I Learned from the Grateful Dead (PDF)
Glenn Rifkin

Halligan and Scott, Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead (PDF)
Barry Barnes

Last Words

Noyo River (PDF)
Robert M. Petersen