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  • Volume 5, 2021/2022
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Editor’s Column

Mystery, Mystique, and Grateful Dead Studies (PDF)
Nicholas G. Meriwether


“The Virus of Liberty”: John Perry Barlow, Internet Law, and Grateful Dead Studies (PDF)
Joseph A. Tomain

Tempo, Diet Pills, and Mythology on The Grateful Dead (PDF)
Brian Felix

Lee Conklin’s Grateful Dead: Icons and Iconography in the Development of the Psychedelic Poster (PDF)
Scott B. Montgomery

 “We Will Get by, We Will Survive”: Deadhead Resilience During the COVID-19 Pandemic (PDF)
Adam D. Brown

Disturbing the Dead: Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Lizzie Siddal, and “It Must Have Been the Roses” (PDF)
Rick Wallach

Joseph Campbell, Multimedia Ritual, and the Multisensorial Sounded Caves of Mickey Hart’s Drumming at the Edge of Magic (PDF)
Teddy Hamstra

Special Section on Fare Thee Well

“What’s Become of the Baby?” Revisiting Fare Thee Well (PDF)

Reflecting on Fare Thee Well: An Interdisciplinary Perspective (PDF)
Isaac Kandall Slone, Ariella Werden-Greenfield,  and Jordan M. McClain

Not Saying Goodbye to the Grateful Dead (PDF)
Wai Chee Dimock

The Bowels of the Stadium: Fare Thee Well in Santa Clara (PDF)
Alan Trist

It Didn’t Matter (PDF)
Steve Hurlburt

The Last Dead Show (PDF)
Robert Cooperman


An Interview with Tom Constanten (PDF)
Davis Schneiderman and Richard Pettengill

Dustier Than Dust: Notes from the Parking Lot (PDF)
Peter Conners


Brent Wood, The Tragic Odes of Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead (PDF)
Granville Ganter

Grateful Dead, The Story of the Grateful Dead (PDF)
Joseph A. Salem Jr.

Lonnie Frazier, Box of Rain (PDF)
Dave Jannetta

Grateful Dead, Listen to the River: St. Louis ’71 ’72 ’73 (PDF)
Jason Robert Gallagher

Jerry Garcia Band, GarciaLive 16 (PDF)
Joseph Jupille

Jerilyn Brandelius, Grateful Dead Family Album (PDF)
Matthew C. Armstrong

Chris Miskiewicz and Noah Van Sciver, Grateful Dead Origins (PDF)
Daniel Pinti

Last Words

The Grateful Dead (PDF)
John Lydgate

A Note on Lydgate’s “The Grateful Dead” (PDF)