Reviewers Guide

v.1.1. Rev. 03/2021

This guide provides formatting information for review headers. For guidelines and examples for Works Cited, see Citation.


Whenever possible, name the author. In general, Grateful Dead Studies does not publish reviews of anonymous blogs. If that information is not clearly indicated on the blog, brackets may be used to indicate authorship. If the number of authors makes a list impracticable, either cite the primary author followed by “at al.” or use “Various authors” and credit those in the body of the review or in a note.

[Corry Arnold.] Lost Live Dead. Blog. 2009–2017.

If reviewing a particular set or range of entries, that may be specified after the URL with the date or date range.

David Lemieux. Taper’s Section. Blog. 52 entries, January–December 2019.


Specify the page totals of prefatory matter in lowercase roman numerals followed by the page count: xvii + 231 pp. Abbreviate state names. Include the ISBN-13 number, without spaces or hyphens. If the book has more than one edition—a simultaneous softcover or e-book—simply list the principal format, usually the hardcover edition; the review text should mention that other formats are available.

Use “hardcover”, not “hardback” or “cloth”; “softcover”, not “trade paper” or “paperback”; “e-book”, not “eBook” or “Kindle”. If the work is slipcased or has other bibliographically unusual aspects, that may be specified; be sure that the ISBN corresponds to that format. If there is a preface or appendix numbered with roman numerals, indicate that with a plus sign, either before or after the page numbers, as appropriate.

Jim Tuedio and Stan Spector, editors. The Grateful Dead In Concert: Essays on Live Improvisation. Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2010. Softcover, ix + 355 pp. ISBN 9780786443574. $35.00.

David Malvinni. Grateful Dead and the Art of Rock Improvisation. Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press, 2013. Hardcover, xvii + 276 pp. ISBN 9780810882553. $53.00.


Provide the band or musician name, venue, city, state abbreviation, month, day, year.

Dead and Company. Folsom Field, Denver, CO, July 5, 2019.

Phil Lesh and Friends. Terrapin Crossroads, San Rafael, CA, July 17, 2017.

If the performance is part of a festival or named event, that title can be added after the performer:

Furthur. Outside Lands Festival, San Francisco, CA, August 14, 2010.


Specify the conference name, sponsor, place, and date(s). If the conference is sponsored by a membership organization (the American Historical Association, the Modern Language Association), it is not necessary to include the word “conference.” If it is not a membership meeting, then adding “conference” may be useful. If the subject of the review is an area or specific meeting within a larger conference, specify that:

The Twenty-Second Grateful Dead Scholars Caucus at the Southwest Popular/American Culture Association Conference, Albuquerque, NM, February 19–22, 2019.

For stand-alone conferences, specify the host institution, not just the location (unlike citation style, which omits host institutions unless incorporated into the conference name). Use an en dash to separate dates. If there is no sponsoring institution and the nature of the meeting is otherwise unclear, then “conference” or “symposium” can be added.

Unbroken Chain: The Grateful Dead in Music, Culture and Memory. University of Massachusetts–Amherst, Amherst, MA, November 16–18, 2007.

Avoid repeating “Annual Meeting” if possible:

The First Annual Meeting of the Grateful Dead Studies Association at the Popular/American Culture Association, Boston, MA, April 29–May 2, 2021.

Recordings (Audio)

Cite the primary record company responsible for the release, not “Grateful Dead Productions/Rhino,” unless the release was truly a joint release (which did happen, early on).

Do not spell out Rhino Records or Rhino Entertainment Company, just use “Rhino.”

Do not include hyphens in the catalog numbers (i.e, R2 73139, not R2-73139). Leave a space where the hyphen was.

If reviewing a release no longer in print, do not include the price and add Out of print in italics.

Grateful Dead. Nightfall of Diamonds. Arista GDCD 4081, 2001. 2 CD set with 8-page booklet. $22.98.

Grateful Dead. Truckin’ Up to Buffalo. Rhino R2 73139, 2005. 2 CD set with 12-page booklet. $24.00.

Grateful Dead. Crimson White and Indigo. Rhino GRA2 6015, 2010. 3 CD set with DVD and 16-page booklet. $39.98.

For Dave’s Picks and other series, treat the series title the same way Chicago specifies for book series. The title of the release is not the series entry.

Grateful Dead. Orpheum Theatre, San Francisco, CA, July 17, 1976. Dave’s Picks 18. Rhino R2 552288, 2016. 3 CD set with 12-page booklet. $29.98.

Releases should be referred to as “sets.” For box sets, add “box” before “set”:

Grateful Dead. July 1978: The Complete Recordings. Rhino R2 554485, 2016. 12 CD box set with 50-page booklet. $129.98.

For booklets that do not conform to standard packaging, just use “booklet.” This release features an unusual liner note booklet, folded accordion-style, so no page-length is specified:

Grateful Dead. Formerly the Warlocks. Rhino R2 525760, 2010. 6 CD box set with booklet and ephemera. $69.98.


Chicago treats video releases as books, not recordings, and specifies place of publication but not catalog numbers. However, since DVDs in Grateful Dead Studies tend to be concert videos, GDS House Style treats DVDs as music recordings. For non-US releases, a country of origin may be added before the publisher.

Grateful Dead. Truckin’ Up to Buffalo. Monterey Video 319952, 2005. DVD. $24.95.

Grateful Dead. Downhill from Here. Monterey Video 319832, 1997. DVD. Out of print.